Relationships start with you!

Look in the mirror!


Whether you are sitting in your own room or you are elbow to elbow at a office meeting your relationships start and end with you. This may seem counter-intuitive considering relationships traditionally are between two or more people. Yet, in high school, we learned that conflicts in literature occur as man verses man, man verses himself, or man verses nature. In all three cases, the characters are key to the relationships. You are the character in your own book of life.

When we understand we are the key to relationships we then can make them better. If you are knee deep in conflict then how can you positively affect the outcome? If you feel as if you are ‘doing it all’ in the relationship how can you positively affect the outcome?

Can you think of a relationship that you are not in control? Why is that? These questions are the the intertwining roots to connecting branches.

Why Have Relationships?

olympic pictureSimply, why should we have relationships? What is the value of the relationship and if it has value, is the relationship positive? As we think about our relationships, do we think of them as positives or negatives, value added or a personal cost? This is at the heart of relationships and our exploration of these questions for ourselves will drive our future discussions.

The First Step

Today we embark on a new journey to recognize each person has value, reinforce this notion, and push forward to increase our relational worth. Our personal relationships require attention and only each person can recognize how balanced the relationship is and whether it creates value for both people.

This blog is an exchange of ideas to further the goodness of relationships and strategies to ensure that we maximize our time on Earth starting today. Starting right now! Stay tuned and join the discussion.