Starting with a nice word!

The greatest injustice that I can do to my co-workers, family, and friends is to regurgitate all of the ideas and thoughts that I have before I even say hello. Truly this is my weak spot that I need to be aware of every day! Simply, my goal is to find out how things are going with the person that I am talking with before I offer my ideas. Better yet, sit on my ideas until the time is right for both people rather than push my ideas too soon. This seems so pedestrian but for those of us that are in a continual state of churning and thought crunching it is not easy.

The note for the day is take a deep breath and spend more time thinking about the other person than yourself. This allows for such a smoother entree into your ideas and also allows to learn something new from somebody else. As some wise people told me, ‘listen’ and ‘ask questions.’


Author: Paul Keefer

Paul Keefer is a leader focusing on maximizing the potential of other people.

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