Families are the Backbone of America

America is great because of the value that we place on families. When we think of the intertwining of neighborhoods through our children we realize the value that families have in our communities. As our children play Little League or tennis, football or basketball, gymnastics or band, we continue to build networks that geographically are tight augmenting human relationships through common activities. As our families attend church and community events, we continue strengthening those community oriented ties drawing people to the support of the community rather than leaving those same people isolated and alone.

Families that live in urban or rural areas build collaborative networks of support allowing family decisions to come to fruition through common ideals. This is not a time gone by in the 50’s but rather a continuing evolving nation that becomes stronger through this interaction.

As our children grow up and witness this sense of community we hope to continue the essential trend for local networking for the maturation of our American values. As we focus on our own families and seek ways to support our community and ergo other families we will see common ideas and common values pervade. As we focus on families we will notice people not condemning others but seeking ways to support others. This reality is seen daily by giving a ride to your child’s classmate whose mom is working or volunteering to coach because the other parents have obligation. If we all pitch in we all benefit in the tightly developed community!

Author: Paul Keefer

Paul Keefer is a leader focusing on maximizing the potential of other people.

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