Fair and Equal

When we know we are developing our relationships we are keen to the balance and commitment. We continue to do the calculus to determine whether it is ‘fair’ or ‘equal’.

Literally, could relationships ever be ‘fair’ or ‘equal’?

How would you know that the person that you are building the relationship with is contributing equally emotionally? How can we even know what is equal? Do relationships have ebb and flow that require different levels of effort from each person at different times so is the relationship’s notion of being ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ is measured over the lifetime of the relationship and not a single day, week, month, or year? I agree with the premise of the lifetime ‘average’ rather than a particular instance or finite period of time. valued relationships require room for mistakes and joy; happiness and sadness. If we choose the value of our relationships based on the highs or lows on an individual basis we will not have the ability to enact trust and faith

The notion of ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ allows for trust and faith to be realized. Believe in yourself so you can believe in other people.


Author: Paul Keefer

Paul Keefer is a leader focusing on maximizing the potential of other people.

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