Relationships Occur So Watch Out!

Relationships, whether good or bad, tight or loose, happy or sad, are exactly that; relationships. The notion that someone ‘doesn’t have a relationship’ with someone is false if he or she knows that person. If you know someone you have a relationship. The question is whether you choose to increase and augment your relationship and whether the relationship is where you want it today and for the future.

Relationships are the equivalent to culture in a business or on a team. All business’ and teams have cultures. The question is not whether a culture exists, but whether the culture is positive, negative, open, closed, supportive, intimidating, healthy, or toxic. Relationships with another person carry these same characteristics. Your choice to engage or disengage will dictate how relationships will stack within your life.



Author: Paul Keefer

Paul Keefer is a leader focusing on maximizing the potential of other people.

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